#16 Moments of Hope with Pastor Jerry Rice

A Coronavirus Prayer
We pray for health care workers, many of whom are risking their lives to save others. May you protect them from infection and weariness.
We pray for teachers who are trying to teach our children through unconventional methods. May you give them direction in how best to educate their students.
We pray for high school and college seniors who are disappointed their graduation has been cancelled. May you give them peace of mind and assurance that their hard work through the years has not gone unnoticed.
We pray for women and children in abusive homes. May you guard their bodies and give them a way out of their situation.
We pray for women who will go into labor during this season. May you calm the mother’s heart and protect both mother and baby from the disease.
We pray for all our political leaders in the country. May you give them wisdom to protect citizens from further spread.
We pray for pastors who seek to minister to their congregation in the midst of unprecedented circumstances. May you give them the anointing to speak even across physical barriers.
We pray for senior citizens who are in nursing homes or living alone. May they feel the comfort of your presence even though they may not see their loved ones during this time.
We pray for business owners and workers who have had to shut down and lose jobs, May you give them rest from worry and peace that you will provide their needs.
We pray for those who have lost loved ones. May you give them the peace that passes understanding and hope in the life of the world to come.
We pray for our children who may not understand why life has so suddenly changed. May you give them patience and understanding that surpasses their age.
We pray for workers in essential businesses who are still having to go out in public on a daily basis. May you protect them and give them energy.
We pray for people who have had to cancel major life events. May you give them hope that one day all things can be fulfilled.
We pray for all those in need during this time. For the homeless. For the poor. For the imprisoned. For the hungry. May their needs be provided and their hearts mended.
We pray for those searching for a cure or vaccination. May you guide the work of their hands.
We pray for those making medical supplies and protective gear. May you give them supernatural productivity.
There are so many other needs that we do not even know, but we believe that you are aware of them all. We believe that the same God who parted the Red Sea can deliver us, too. We believe that the same God who fed 5,000 can provide for our needs. We pray that the same God who rose Lazarus from the dead can restore our brokenness. You are good. You are loving. You are faithful. We know that you can do all things so we ask that you will bring healing to our land.
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.